Concept of Dua in Islam

Concept of Dua in Islam
In this video Molana Tariq Jameel (Preacher of islam all over the word) tells people the basic concept of Dua in Islam.
This video consist of three basic parts
(1) : What is Dua?
Here in this part Molana Tariq jameel tells the definition of dua, its importance and benefits. why we need for Dua? Molana also explain this with details examples.
(2): Why Dua is not accepted.
In this part Molana Tariq Jameel told why Dua is not accepted by Allah, what are the reasons behind it. Where those Dua's goes and when they will work for you.
(3): In 3rd part Molana Tariq Jameel told you will need to make Dua from yourself for you not from others. because the prayer (Dua) which you offer to Allah consist of your Heart emotions as other will only make a Dua.
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