Corona Virus (COVID-19) is Effecting Peoples World Wide, People need to get rid of this epidemic fear.

 Today we are going to discuss how Corona virus (COVID-19) is effecting world wide majorly to United State of America (USA), China, European region where Italy is facing more human causalities as compare to rest of word. Spain is on 2nd number in European region where this epidemic is spreading steadfastly.
 Round about 200 countries are facing corona virus till this date and spreading fast in the word so in near feature this number will also increase.
 In beloved link video people can watch how corona virus effecting people in the USA majorly effecting New York city. You can watch the exact situation of lock down in USA Cities. I am thankful to YouTube Channel owner THE DRIVING PROFESSOR for sharing this video.


 How to cope up with this Corona Virus (COVID-19) situation:

So here i will discuss how we can cope up with this virus we need to get information about this virus first before falling in the fear or fobia of corona virus.
1: Till this date only 2% people die due to corona virus and 98% can recovered where 90% recovered rapidly as the statistics shared by the WHO.
2: During Shutdown people need to busy their self in activities at home like reading a book, doing cooking at home.
3: Staying at home people need to spend time with family members and doing healthy discussion on topics.
4: Make a video of your quarantine life and share with friends on social media.
5: Stay at home so that you can do a social responsibility of not spreading virus among others and feel proud of this. 

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