Corona Virus Effecting United States of America Economy but mostly in New York City

Due to Corona virus world Economy is effected badly right now and how much damage will be done due to corona virus in future is difficult to estimate.

Global Capital Markets take a hit:

If we talk about Share market they take a major shift and stocks prices are decreasing day by day and investors are losing billions of dollars in daily basis according to  Source Bloomberg as of 1st April 2020 Nikkei is down 22% Dow Jones is down 24% and FTSC is down 29% since the COVID-19 os outbreak.
Video from YouTube Channel The Driving Professor of Title Driving in Lower Manhattan During the NYC Shutdown. 

Effects In New York State: 

As the days are passing cases of Noval Corona virus in New York city are increasing  and numbers of death till date  are 10,056.
In the above video we can analyze  how business in NYC are effected by corona virus, shops, departmental stores, hotels and motels are closed till the govt new instructions. Business men are losing their business due to corona virus shut down.
People are at home taking stick actions so that the spread of corona virus reduced. If people are moving outside due to their necessary they are following government instructions.
At the end i would like to say that please stay at home so that we will get rid off from this pandemic virus and do some indoor activities like cooking, drawing, online games or learn a skill from YouTube so that your mental health remain healthy and you can fight again this virus. Thanks for readers who read this blog on regular bases. 


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